Friday, July 3, 2015

My Paradise.

I have been at camp for the past two weeks surrounded by my paradise.
Beautiful mountains. Perfect weather. Laughing children.
Delicious food. Restful afternoons.
It sounds perfect right?
Well, the beautiful mountains are the home to a deadly venomous snake we had to be on the constant look out for, and we actually did see three of them.
The perfect weather consist of sunny, cloudy, warm, chilly weather with an occasional unexpected downpour of a rainstorm.
The laughing children are not always laughing and sometimes it seemed I was surrounded by more arguing and crying than laughter. (which is to be expected when you have 45 kids living together in one house)
The delicious food was filling, but definitely a lot different than what I eat at home.
Breakfast: Liver paste on bread
Lunch: Rice and cabbage
Dinner: Tuna with pasta
The restful afternoons are an attempt at a peaceful afternoon nap with laughing children banging against the walls all around me.
Now, this definitely sounds more like reality, and its true this was reality for some parts of my two weeks, but God turned even the roughest days into my paradise.
HE turned the snake sightings into memories of jumping, running, laughing, and yelling.
HE turned the inconsistent weather into exactly what we needed at the moment.
HE stopped the crying and arguing of the children with a little attention given from one of the staff members or myself.
HE helped me acquire a taste for the different food I ate at camp.
(Some of it I am still working on acquiring a taste for and it may take a while)
HE gave me a freshness everyday after my not so quite nap.
God gave me the ability to see the beauty that I was surrounded by every moment of those two weeks, and while there were certainly some imperfect moments, HE blessed our time at camp so that friendships were formed, relationships grew, and much bonding happened. I simply had to stop and ask that HE would open my eyes to HIS perfect beauty that surrounded me.
HIS perfect beauty is surrounding you too. Ask that he would open your eyes and reveal it to you so you can also experience God's presence in your everyday life.

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