Friday, July 24, 2015

New ________.

So, as most of you know I spent the first few weeks of the trip with my Bread of Life family. It's difficult for me to explain the love I have for the children and staff because to me it doesn't seem possible that I could care so much about so many people I have only known for a short period of time. Yes I have known them for two years, but in the two years we have only met four times. The only explanation I have is God put them in my life, and so  just like with most things God does in my life, it's not possible for me to comprehend or understand. Some things we must just accept. So, I have stopped trying to figure out how or why I have made this close connection and just embraced this beautiful gift of 90+ relationships with these beautiful people.
I say all of that to get to my next point...
While it was incredible to spend time with all of them, I felt an urgency to do more. Being with BOL is so comfortable, and I knew I had more to give. So, I was talking to my Mom and explaining this to her. I began to make plans about future trips, and where I may go next on my mission trips. Little did I know that God would ask more of me much sooner than I expected.
For the past three weeks I have had the wonderful opportunity to live with the Novacovici family. This has been a completely different experience than I have ever had in Romania, but it has brought it's challenges too.
New people
New places
New relationships
New experiences
I went to the camp the family's organization puts together for their churches. It was so much fun, and God's presence was so strong. I made many many new friends.

Earlier this week, I got to spend my day with a couple who are pastors under Milo's organization. We went to two villages and had a church service. I gave my testimony of how I ended up working in Romania and I also was able to give relationship advice to teenage girls who do not come from Christian homes.




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