A Romanian Christmas

   Well, I am back in Romania. I have been here for a few days now, but have not had the chance to post anything because we have been incredibly busy since I have arrived. I'm am just going to give you a small picture of the things we have been doing since we arrived.

   We handed out new winter shoes and winter hats to all the children at the orphanage. They were all so excited about the shoes! They also loved their new hats. It snowed last night making it extra cold right now in Brosteni so the hats have definitely come in handy.

   We also gave all the children new toothbrushes and a new tube of toothpaste. It always amazes me how excited these children get over toothbrushes and toothpaste. I have seen it the past few years with delivering the shoe boxes, but I know I will never understand until I have to live without access to everyday necessities. All of these children have experienced this, so they know how to appreciate the small things a lot more than I do.

   Last night we had a Christmas celebration with the children. They had a special lunch, and then in the evening we had a Christmas program. We talked about the Christmas story and then the children anxiously waited while we handed out 70 shoe boxes to everyone We had to take a group picture and after the picture was finished the room exploded with excitement over the small gift boxes people have put together and sent over here. For a few of the children it was their first time ever receiving a shoe box.

   I love the staff and children of Bread of Life more than words can express. They are my family and it makes my heart so happy how supportive my American family, friends, and church family have been of the Bread of Life Ministry.

   So, this is just a very small summary of what has been going on here the past few days. I am always thankful for the opportunity to visit and I am thankful for every precious moment I get to spend with these kids. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to travel on our trip and as we travel home on Monday. I hope I will be able to post some again before I leave. I hope every one is having a wonderful Christmas season so far.

Merry Christmas from Romania